The subproject Bestand at the University of Bamberg deals with the categorization and survey of the overall inventory of map documents for all subprojects and with the handling of the (historical) building inventory for planning, rubble clearance and reconstruction processes.

Diversity of maps, data platform

In Bamberg, the maps and documents collected in the network will be digitally stored and managed. They will then be investigated and documented according to their typological diversity, their context (i.e. discipline-specific, local, translocal or national and transnational) as well as the heterogeneity of spatial political approaches to the city and their graphic representation in the maps. To support collaboration between the subprojects as well as with external partners, an overarching collaboration platform for georeferenced maps and related data will be developed. For this purpose, a suitable interface and data structures will be developed which will fulfil the varied and multiple requirements of the research network.

Heritage and Materiality

The focus of the project is to investigate the handling of the (partially) destroyed historical building stock after World War II. The aim is to develop an understanding of the direct and indirect effects that damage mapping and damage documentation had on the spatial development and materiality of cities.