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Dr. Carol Ludwig works within the Junior Professorship ‘Human Geography with a European focus’ in the Department of European Social Research at Saarland University (Universität des Saarlandes). Besides her teaching activities, among others in the Bachelor of European Studies, she leads a project funded by the BMBF: "Social Cartography" (with a value of 478.835,88 Euro). She is an urban planner (chartered through the Royal Town Planning Institute, UK) with professional experience in local and regional municipalities in the UK. She holds a 1st class BSc in Geography, MSc in Town Planning (with distinction) and completed her PhD in the field of local conservation planning in 2013. Dr. Ludwig held permanent posts as Lecturer in Town Planning (Civic Design) at the universities of Northumbria and Liverpool, UK, before moving to Germany 2020. Between 2014 and 2016 Dr. Ludwig was an advisor to World Heritage UK and co-authored “Towards a UK World Heritage Research Strategy Report” (2016). She has published in several high-quality international academic research outlets and has recently edited the volume “The Heritage Turn in China: The Reinvention, Dissemination and Consumption of Heritage”, (Amsterdam University Press, 2020).

The subproject Sozialkartographie brings together Dr. Ludwig’s overlapping research interests (urban planning, heritage and geography) providing an exciting opportunity to examine Second World War destruction and reconstruction and how these shaped the material and socioeconomic profile of cities in West Germany and Poland today.