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Dr. Elisa-Maria Hiemer works at the Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe in Marburg, where she leads the subproject Diskurs. After her studies in Freiburg (Romance and West Slavic Studies) and Gießen (Slavistics and Eastern European History), she finished her PhD thesis about contemporary German-Jewish and Polish-Jewish literature with a special focus on the narrative appropriation of Jewish spaces for which she received an award. Besides her research interest in Holocaust literature (she is the editor of the Handbook of Polish, Czech, and Slovak Holocaust Fiction, 2021), she focuses on interdisciplinary approaches towards Polish history and is interested in theoretical questions about how narrations in different areas of life are constructed.

She regards Urban Meta Mapping as a perfect way of bringing together historical sources with methods of literary and cultural sciences and is looking forward to receiving new impulses by the team members from other disciplines.