15. Juli 2021

UMM conference »Cartographies of Catastrophes«

Effects of air attack on urban complex Tokyo-Kawasaki-Yokohama. Map of the U.S. strategic bombing campaign on Tokyo from November 29, 1944 - May 25, 1945 United States Strategic Bombing Survey, Urban Areas Division

at Bamberg University and online, 23.–25. November 2021

Existing historical sources of urban damage cartography for various cities generated during and after wars and conflicts have been identified and researched, such as those affected during the Second World War in Europe (Austria, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom). Building on this knowledge, the conference aims to problematise cartographies of catastrophes from the 19th century until the present time in the global context, from wide interdisciplinary perspectives. By focusing on damage maps from past and recent conflicts and catastrophes, this conference interrogates whether maps just show past conditions, or do they foresee and predetermine future conditions?

For further information see the conference page
(Call for Papers deadline: 15. Sep. 2021).