13. September 2022

Remainder: »Mapping “Post-Conflict” Cities« registration deadline approaching

Department of Loiret. City of Meung-sur-Loire. Reconstruction and development plan (1942). 1:5000, National Library of France

Please don’t forget to register for the 2022 UMM conference »Mapping “Post-Conflict” Cities« (20.-21.10.22)!

Join discussion with international scholars on how post-conflict situations were dealt with in peripheral towns from Northern Ireland and Germany, to India and Myanmar. The topics will range from urban planning and politics to memory and narrative framing. The detailed program can be found online.

The deadline is 25.09.2022 for on-site participation and 16.10.2022 for online participation. There are no fees and you can register by simply sending an email to conference.urbanmetamapping@leibniz-irs.de.

We look forward to meeting you in Erkner!