23. April 2021

CfP: “Interrupted Spaces, Engineered Traditions”

Conference to be held at the Bamberg University via Zoom, June 30 2021.

The international conference “Interrupted Spaces, Engineered Traditions” examines case studies, where spatial interruption was used as an opportunity or was deployed as a tool for creating/erasing political or cultural identity. The organizers understand the term „spatial interruption” as radical reconfigurations of established spatial frames of political culture whether precipitated by war or natural disasters or change of political regimes.

Deadline Extension: May 9, 2021

Carmen Enss and Heléna Tóth invite you to contribute to the following topics:

  1. how interruption of urban place was read as a metaphor for political change
  2. instances of spatial interruption as disruptive and/or constitutive acts that make political practice visible.
  3. the resilience of spatial memory.